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Clean Sweep

West Side won EVERY award with Stars of Tomorrow. Our leads are off to NYC for the National HS theater awards. (The Jimmy's) It was awesome at the theater to hear them say..."And the winner is Rush Henrietta's production of West Side Story" 12 times!!!
Well..its over. Another show put to rest. We had an amazing run!! Sold out 2 shows and 90% sold 2 other shows. I got to meet Garth Fagan and 2 of his dancers. He came to see one of his students that played Big Deal in our show. He shook my hand and told me that whatever I am doing to get these boys to love to dance keep it up....its working. He complemented my Somewhere Ballet sequence and I am glowing with pride. Doing a show takes every bit of my life for nearly 5 months...it is emotionally draining, physically exhausting and more stressful than all other things in my life combined! My husband (the god) has to run our house and our son and our lives all by himself, and I miss out on alot! So, why do I do this every year....because last night 40 kids hugged me in tears and told me they loved me and they finished an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I watch high school students grow up into young adults over the course of 4 years, and on the closing night of their senior year they lay on the stage and cry because it is all really over. I have lunch with Alumni, and all they talk about are the memories and friends they made during their time with Spotlight Theater. They come back to see the shows, and then they go onto the stage to try to remember songs and choreography from shows long passed. This year seems particularly hard for me. I am done today and all I can think about is the show. I am missing "my kids" already cause I love them like my own. I have been an All American athlete, I have been a Coach of the year, I have been a dancer and an actor and there really is no greater experience than doing the show every year. I have never been so satisfied, so emotionally fulfilled as I feel watching my kids perform on the closing night of the show. So, that is why I do it...that is why I keep going back...that is why I am going to go thru a week of depression and withdrawl this week and why my heart hurts just thinking about it. I am so lucky!!!!!!!

This time next week...

I will be able to come home after school before midnight.

I will not have to listen to COOL ever again!

I will not have to deal with Jets or Sharks.

There will not be costume complaints or injuires.

I can actually put my son to bed.

My husband can get a break from running our entire house on his own for the past month. (He is a GOD!)

I really cant wait to hear an audience clap for my kids!

You decide if the curse is real or not.

So many of you know that I am choreographing West Side Story now for Spotlight Theater. This has been a very stressfull show because of the Curse of the Scottish play. There is a theatrical superstition whereby if you speak the name of the Scottish play (MacBeth) backstage at a theater during a show that show is then cursed. Well since one of our Freshman decided to try to be funny and speak of the Scottish Play at a long rehearsal one day all of this has happened...

One sprained knee
One hairline fracture of the talus bone (foot)
One third degree spained thumb and a fractured pinky finger.
2 chipped front teeth
One cut through top lip requiring 12 stitches
One dislocated toe and a broken metatarsal
One sprained wrist
One eating disorder

Does anyone know how to break the curse of the Scottish play? We open in 10 days.

7 am Conversation with my 9 year old son

SON: Mom, Just want to let you know I am quitting my trumpet.

Me: Why do you say that honey? You have been doing so great with your trumpet!

SON:Because when I have my trumpet lesson I miss classes.

Me: That is ok honey, the teacher knows you have a band lesson. It is in the schedule that way. You wont get in trouble or lose points for going to your lesson instead of being in class.

SON: It isnt ok mom, I miss cool things in class.

Me: Really what did you miss? I am sure you can make it up.

SON: Science class lab time.

Me: Ok-you can stay after school today or tomorrow to make it up. I will email your teacher.

SON: That wont work the owl poop might be all disected.

Me: What?

Son: Owl poop. You know with the skeletons of the dead mice bodies.

Me: You mean owl pellets?

SON: Yes, I missed it today and now what if all the pellets are taken apart and I dont get to find any dead rodents.

Me: Dont worry honey I will call your teacher to let her know how important it is to you! Dont quit band just yet!

SON: Ok-it just sounds so awesome to find bird bodies and mice skulls in that poop.


We have plane tickets! Rochester to Shannon, Ireland 6/30/10 and return 7/24/10! I am so sick and tired of looking up airline tickets! Big European sale! Yeah Jet Blue and Aer Lingus!

new luggage-check
B&B's reserved-Check

Now the search is on for rental car plus a Dogs/house babysitter and horsey summer homes.

I am psyched as HELL today!

I need your help...

Directions for snow day.

1. Wear pajamas inside out and backwards.

2. Put ice cubes in the toilet.

3. Sleep with a spoon under your pillow.

Got it everyone?!
If we all work together Bob and I will be home in our inside out PJ's, peeing on ice cubes, and eating our cereal with a fork!! YEAH!
Someone sends you and email or a note or a phone call that says there is always something worse.. A friend in the gypsy horse world just lost her Futurity winning 9 month old filly because the horse escaped from her pasture and speared herself on a bale spike. A photo was sent around the Gypsy horse boards with this women's 5 year old daughter holding the filly's head as she died in the vets office after they paid $7000 to try to save her. This same women's son was severely injured on his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq and just recieved his purple heart in a hospital bed with his wife and 2 month old daugher standing next to him. He MAY walk again.....someday. It pays to step back sometimes and say....there is worse out there in this world. I am thankful and blessed. I need to learn to stop taking that for granted.

Picture this...

300 lb junior high school girl trying to learn the 45 second ballet combination from west side story: INCLUDING THE LIFTS.....That is the life I lead....Pity me!